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Clitoris Hoodectomy

Clitoral hoodectomy is done when the clitoral hood is increased in size preventing the glans clitoridis from being uncovered, creating decreased or loss of sexual sensitivity with adhesions between the glans and the hood being the cause of closed compartements with accumulation of bacterial flora known by its bad smell.
Hoodectomy will uncover the glans , thus preventing any bacteria deposit and eliminating bad smell, at the same time, it will enhance sexual sensations and give a better shape. Most cases of female frigidity can be resolved by hoodectomy.
Clitoral hoodectomy can be done under local anesthesia on an out-patient basis. The same day, bath can be taken, the sutures will not be removed, they will be resolved alone. Special gel and creams will be used for post-op care.
Clitoris hoodectomy can be done alone or associated with any mammaplasty or tummy tuck.

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